At Camellia Interiors we stock a selection of fine quality paints at our Truro studio. Paint is available at fairly low cost and is normally quite easy to apply. Most people can undertake a paint job themselves and just need to purchase the supplies. A quick fix that can totally transform a room, paint is also relatively easy to repaint or wallpaper over, if you get tired of the original colour.

Read on to find out more about our Little Greene, Zoffany, Farrow & Ball and Designers Guild paints, along with our tried and tested tips for choosing paint colours.

If you are overwhelmed by the sheer choice on offer and not sure which shades to choose for your aspect or how to bring a scheme together with your existing furniture, then why not take a look at our in-home colour consultancy service?


The Zoffany paint collection offers 144 shades in three finishes, providing exceptional coverage and outstanding depth of colour. The broad range of the Zoffany paint palette makes it ideal for both contemporary and traditional settings, with each colour carefully selected to complement and enhance Zoffany’s fabric and wallpaper collections.

To provide an even wider and more comprehensive choice when decorating an interior, tints of Zoffany’s most popular neutrals have been introduced to the range. For a co-ordinated, harmonious look, try using quarter, half and double tints from one colour group on walls, woodwork, fireplaces and furniture.

Zoffany water based paints contain virtually no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds, which contribute to atmospheric pollution) while Zoffany oil based paints have been specifically formulated to reduce VOC content. All Zoffany paints are made in the UK.

Farrow and Ball

The unwritten rule that trims should be painted in high gloss with ceilings in a bright matt white has underpinned the way many of us decorate our homes. But you really can be as creative with sheen as with colour!

Finishes can be cleverly chosen to mask and accent architectural features in the home. Disguise uneven walls with a chalky matt Estate Emulsion, pick out delicate plasterwork with Soft Distemper or highlight your favourite pieces of furniture with our new Modern Eggshell.

Modern Eggshell, the latest addition to Farrow and Ball’s interior finishes, can be swept across furniture, metal surfaces, wooden cabinets and floors throughout the home for an extremely durable mid sheen finish.

We are delighted to announce that we have sold our Farrow & Ball contract to Jo & Co Home at Hawksfield nr Wadebridge. 

Little Greene

Little Greene is an independent, British paint manufacturer, committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpapers. Their environmentally friendly paints suit most interior and exterior applications, are water-based, quick-drying, and include child-safe finishes for use throughout the home. Their classic, long-lasting oil-based paints, use naturally occurring vegetable oils instead of harmful solvents.

Little Greene paints have a depth of colour – undertones that subtly change in different lights, providing real character and definition. Their formulations, and reassuringly high pigment levels (over 40% more pigment than many ordinary paints), give Little Greene paints an unequalled depth of colour and a true point of difference.

We are able to mix Little Greene’s eco-friendly paints in-store at Camellia.

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Some Tips for Choosing Paint Colour by Elaine Skinner

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing colour, but you may find the following suggestions helpful:

  • Decorating a room isn’t simply about choosing colours you like. You also need to take into account how much light the room gets, the way the space tends to be used, its architecture, dimensions and the overall ambience you wish to create.
  • Colour changes in different light conditions, so it makes sense to observe how the light moves through each area you plan to decorate at different times of day and in different artificial lighting conditions. Consider also if the room in question is used more at any particular time of day.
  • The age period of your property may be a factor in your decorating decisions. If you live in a Georgian house, for example, consider whether it is a priority for you to remain faithful to the property’s heritage.
  • Try not to use too many colours on architectural features like ceiling roses and cornices. It can look fussy and detract from the inherent beauty of the feature.
  • For irregular shaped rooms, try a monochromatic scheme. This will soften the overall effect and “paint out” any architectural defects, making them less obvious.
  • Think about the flow from room to room. For example, if you have a pale or neutral colour in a hallway leading directly to a room painted with a very strong colour, the effect may be jarring. Before making your choice, consider how each room scheme will feel as a visual progression.
  • Creating the perfect scheme is as much about choosing the colours you think are “right”, as deciding what’s right for you. Think about the colours you feel most drawn to in your everyday life and use your intuition to select colours you’ll feel most comfortable living with in the long term
  • Before making your final colour choice, we recommend that you test your chosen paint colours in situ. All 144 shades of Zoffany paint are available in sample pots of Flat Emulsion.