Keynvor View Sennen

Perched on the edge of the West coast of Cornwall, a stones throw from Land’s End is a unique farmhouse. This farmhouse was undergoing restoration work and has been part of a family for generations. Our client was looking to make this a unique holiday home for many more families to come and enjoy. Camellia was appointed to take on the full design and implementation including furnishings. Camellia also assisted with parts of the build providing advice a long the way.

The Story

This 5 bedroom farmhouse goes back generations and is surrounded by one of Cornwall’s most unique landscapes. The location is wide open to the adverse conditions of the Atlantic making for some impressive displays by mother nature which hugely influenced our designs. We wanted to encapsulate the changing of the seasons and bring the colours, textures and surfaces into the property. There was a tight budget that we had to adhere to whilst achieving the level required for holiday letting.  Our client’s valued our years of experience and proven track record with holiday homes.  Timescales were tight, therefore planning was key. Camellia project managed the entire process from design to completion removing this element of the project from the client allowing them to continue with their hectic careers.

The Result

A timeless design that suit’s all seasons. Appealing to potential guests through out the year is important to maximise the booking potential. We understand that ultimately you need a return on your investment and a well thought out design is key to achieving this.  Now the farmhouse is being marketed and taking bookings.