Trelintie Mawgan Porth

The clients came to Camellia for help as they needed a company that could not only design, but who could also project manage and run it through to completion with all their trusted trade contacts and partners. Whilst the clients returned abroad to their busy working lives and schedule, Camellia managed this long term project around family holidays and occasions.

The Story

This is a story of a remarkable transformation; a house that was small and humble with a half built extension, which blossomed to become capacious and worthy of celebration in a glossy magazine. There is something special about being close to the water – wide expanses of sea and sky, living with picture windows and open doors whenever possible in Cornwall. It all brings a sense of escape and that is what Camellia has created.

Design Director, Elaine Skinner says, “My clients, like many with second homes on the coast, want to live the illusion of a carefree idle life for several weeks in the summer – retreating from their everyday worlds, lasting right up to the plane ride home. They wanted this house to give them just this and we delivered. When they first visited the property they knew that its current layout did not work, nothing flowed and a proposed extension did not fit either. They came to Camellia for help as they needed a design company that could not only design, but could project manage and run the complete project with all their trade contacts and partners, whilst the clients returned abroad to their working lives. They needed someone they could trust and take on their brief. My clients had a clear vision, but needed us to interpret it and come up with the ideas to make it all a reality in time for their summer holiday the following year.

The challenge was to interlink the old building and its small rooms with the proposed extension to make it appear at completion as if it was all built together, we did this and more and gave them realistic timings, we were able to deliver the first phase on time and then during that holiday we planned the second phase outside and the grounds.”

Elaine describes the style she has created at this home like ‘a getaway retreat’. “It’s the only style that will make you think of a vacation all year long. It’s all about an airy feeling with relaxed and informal simplicity with its references taken from the outside in. These clients have hectic lives and when they come here I want them to stop, relax and unwind and feel like they are away from it all and by the sea. It does not mean theming it with shells and driftwood, it’s about replicating the juxtaposition of texture and colour. I see the Cornish design style as mostly airy with beach tones where large stretches of calmer water suit muted blues, soft greens and subtle turquoises which bring to mind the sparkle of the sun on water and wide, cloudless horizons. Greys work well, reminiscent as they are of windswept water and stormy skies. Other tones like ochre, and teal compliment these hues.”

The Result

The transformation is now complete and the owners are thrilled having used Camellia to project manage the entire process for them. Camellia continue to maintain the clients’ investment, and make sure it’s ready for the family to use during the holiday seasons.

Camellia Interiors | Shortlisted at the International Design and Architecture Awards 2015AWARDS

The project has been shortlisted in four separate categories of design et al‘s prestigious International Design and Architecture Awards 2015 competition and Elaine Skinner says, “The team is so proud of Camellia’s six shortlistings! It’s great that these projects have been recognised in these prestigious awards. Remember to vote for us!”