Penthouse Fistral Beach

The Essex-based couple originally approached Camellia in August 2014 after purchasing a penthouse apartment in the luxury Fistral Blue development – situated opposite the iconic Fistral beach and magnificent Headland hotel in Newquay. The clients were making the move to the south west for a complete lifestyle change – to remove themselves from the busy city and instead live beside the calm, carefree coastline of Cornwall. They wanted a design practice that could manage their entire project – keeping it hassle free for them whilst creating an interior that reflected the stunning coastal views.

The Story

When initially viewing the property, the clients were shown around a private apartment that Camellia had designed the year before. Immediately, the couple knew they wanted Camellia as their interior designers for their new home. The clients were clear from the start that they wanted all of the hassle taken away from the job of making their apartment look beautiful. They chose to have very little input throughout – entrusting all design decisions and the project management to Camellia.

With free reign and a blank canvas, design director, Elaine Skinner put forward a scheme based around the scenery surrounding the property. Rich with textures and patterns, the design created a relaxing and inspiring environment. The couple immediately fell in love with the scheme and said yes, to begin their escape from the hustle and bustle of the south east and start their new life on the coast.

The clients required a lot of storage for their new apartment and lifestyle, including wardrobes for the bedrooms and units for the bathrooms. The interesting architecture of the property meant one-off, bespoke pieces needed to be made to suit the angular structures of the walls. Camellia therefore commissioned exclusive storage solutions that accommodated the penthouse’s format as well as the clients’ needs. The team were also asked to focus on the balcony and to make sure there were pieces of furniture for them to use to enjoy the coastal views. Camellia sourced seating suitable for both the interior and exterior to allow visual consistency and flow throughout the apartment.

Another major requirement was an office for when the clients needed to work from home. The Camellia team utilised one of the spare rooms and turned it into an elegant working study – dressed with luxurious soft furnishings, hardwood furniture and office appliances. The apartment was on the top floor of the development and so logistically, the project was a challenge. The Camellia team had to make sure any larger pieces of furniture were disassembled prior to moving them into the property and reassemble them once they were in their appropriate rooms, but their project management and scheduling foresaw and avoided problems.

The Result

The project was completed on time and on budget in November 2014 for the happy clients to move in and celebrate their first Christmas in Cornwall.