Bluewater St Ives

A master class in small space design solutions, the team at Camellia & Co. used their interior know-how and years of experience to add that special touch to this first-floor apartment, making it as stunning inside as the uninterrupted views of St Ives harbour and Godrevy lighthouse outside.

The owners of Blue Water asked Camellia to bring the coastal feel indoors and help give their small two-bedroom apartment a wider appeal to small families and couples. They were keen to maximise on the properties exceptional sea views and since they were seeking a higher rental return, they asked Camellia & Co. to create a sophisticated and luxurious look, bursting with style.


With limited square footage to play with, the Camellia team making use of every nook and cranny, devising clever ways to create a feeling of space. The walls were painted in soft sandy neutral colours to reflect the light and make the rooms feel airy. They also serve to give the property warmth in the winter and a cool feel in the summer, extending its letting season potential. They purposely kept the colour palette clean so that it wouldn’t look small and dark, or date quickly. The fabrics, from the Marbury collection by Jane Churchill, were chosen to reflect the scenery outside; the borderline geometric pattern echoes the bustling town, while the soft colours mirror the gentle coastal views of the sea and beach.

In the living room the team commissioned a bespoke sofa bed so that the clients could accommodate additional guests as needed. They also added bespoke cabinets hidden behind the sofa and under the TV for much needed extra storage. A restrained use of accent colours adds zest and cleverly draws the eye towards the plate glass windows and that stunning view. In this small space, mirrors bounce light, green plants create a sanctuary and shelving keeps the space uncluttered yet homely. “When you’re living in tight quarters, it’s important to make room for the little things that make you happy: plants, pictures, tiny details,” explains Elaine.

In the bedrooms they used sliding doors or open wardrobes to streamline clothes storage and since table space was such a hot commodity, they used wall sconces for lighting, and bedside shelving to save more space. They even had a bespoke slim dining table fixed to the wall in the open plan kitchen! All the furniture was sourced by Camellia and while it was very difficult getting it all up the stairs and into the property, the team made it happen!

Camellia & Co succeeded in created an open and welcoming space that goes to prove that even small spaces can be practical and look amazing. This project was quite different and exciting from the offset, involving a lot of bespoke work and creative thinking. Everything came together fabulously to create a feeling of relaxation and sophistication, which the client was very pleased with. “One of the biggest mistakes you can make in small space living is to shy away from statement furniture,” warns Elaine Skinner, Design Director of Camellia & Co. “With a little inventive floor planning, you can fit in plenty of seating, textures and shelving to achieve a lux look.”

Bluewater is available to let through Cornish Horizons.